Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working

Written by: Sabrina McEntee

Hype Marketing, President


Time and time again, I hear small business owners say: “Marketing just doesn’t work for me.” And I’m sure they’re right. But I think they are missing the fact that marketing can work for them – only if they are willing to put in the upfront time to invest in a strategy.

What do I mean by strategy? Quite simply, I’m referring to creating a PLAN that will guide their marketing efforts. I realize that sounds like an easy and simplistic answer, but frankly, that is what is missing for most small business owners.

Most small business owners approach marketing by stringing together a series of one-off ideas like Google Ads or direct or even social media posts without any clear plan as to why they are printing or posting or both. I refer to this issue as the “random acts of marketing” syndrome.

While these ideas may actually work in promoting your business, I don’t recommend jumping into any activity without baking out a plan (a strategy) first and foremost.
So where do you begin?

At a minimum, we need to answer the following key questions:

  • What are your overall goals and objectives?
  • What’s the profile of your typical customer? (Super important question that you really need to think through.)
  • What problem is your company solving?
  • Is the messaging on your marketing up to date and VERY clear? If people don’t know what you do and what you sell, how can you effectively promote your business?
  • Who are your competitors? We need to study them.
  • What is our marketing budget?

Once we’re crystal clear on these questions above (and a few more that I share with clients in my preliminary survey) we can now created message the speaks to the value of your business to your target audience and figure out which channels will make the most sense for your business.

Having a plan that has been thought through will guarantee a better return on your investment. Okay, so the moral to the story is this: Random acts of marketing don’t work. We need to start with a strategy first and then come up with a plan to promote your business.

If you need guidance, insight, strategic thinking – or someone to help you just do it already – just reach out and let’s talk it through. Hype Marketing specializes in strategy, web design and custom monthly marketing campaigns to promote your business effectively. Reach out to Hype’s founder, Sabrina McEntee at  sabrina@hypemarketingagency.com.