SEO and the Importance of Content in Digital Advertising

In the hard and fast world of digital advertising, your product is really only as good as the content you put on the Internet. Any advertising agency worth their salt already knows the ways in which content in the physical world, from print media to billboards to commercials on TV, plays a hand in selling a good or a service, and in this digital age, the Internet presents a much larger playground.

A good digital agency will know that if you put quality writing, graphics, ads, and more into the Web, the returns are enormous, enough that according to Brafton, companies are projected to spend as much as $80 billion on SEO content by the year 2020. So why is that content so important? Shouldn’t a good product sell itself?

Content Makes Your Product More Visible

Nobody knows your product is good unless they can see it. Content on the Internet gives you the advantage of showing that product to billions of people worldwide, expanding your audience from perhaps a small local community to something much, much bigger. Digital advertising is just as much about the visual as the textual.

  • An eye-catching graphic conveys information in an attractive way.
  • A vibrant, informative video ad on YouTube shows your service in action.

Behind and alongside both of these delivery methods, the power of a good writer is not to be ignored in a digital advertising agency. Whether drafting a press release, a script for a commercial, or the outline for a single graphic ad, what your writer does or doesn’t write may be the difference between a customer that clicks to learn more and the one that keeps scrolling. A good digital agency sees the value in that and has proven to spend handsomely to get it.

Quality Content in Digital Advertising Leads to Backlinks

Backlinks are a way of citing your sources in an Internet world. Someone may backlink your content and thereby:

  • Promote your product;
  • Credit you for the valuable information you’ve provided, which has, in turn, informed their own content; or
  • Increase your content’s value in Google’s algorithm. The more you’re backlinked by other pages, the more important your content appears to be and the more bang a digital agency can get for their buck.

Quality Content Works Well with Google’s Algorithms

Monica of MDinc says “The importance of content in SEO cannot be understated when it comes to how it improves where you appear in Google search engine results, and this is based entirely on how well its various algorithms like your content.” Included algorithms will check for a number of features including:

How much keyword stuffing you do—too much affects readability and quality;

  • Manipulative text in anchor links;
  • Plagiarism;
  • How heavy with affiliate ads and links your content is—too high, and it will downrank you;
  • And more!

If you are ranked highly, then keyword searches that include your SEO work will turn your pages up sooner. Appearing on the front page for a popular topic increases visibility, and it essentially makes the whole digital advertising world go round.