Every Business Must Know These Two Metrics

When starting an advertising campaign, a business should begin with a clear objective. If any part of the long-range plan is to increase revenue, then every business must know these two metrics: Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Lifetime Value of a Customer (LVC). Without knowing Customer Acquisition Cost it is almost impossible to accurately optimize … Read more

Reach And Frequency In Advertising

Reach and Frequency are the most basic of advertising principles, and the most overlooked. Reach refers to the number of people who are touched by a message. Frequency refers to how often they are exposed to the message. Ideally, both numbers would be maximized, but as everyone has a budget those numbers need to be … Read more

The Revolution In TV Advertising

TV advertising has long been considered the most valuable and consistent advertising vehicle. It may have been the greatest advertising medium ever. So why is there a revolution in TV advertising and how can you benefit? CTV TV advertising was first transmitted over the airwaves and received by antennae on the set. Then came cable, … Read more

How is a Brand Different Than a Logo?

By  Lara Kisielewska Optimum Design & Consulting https://optimumdc.com/ The word “branding” means different things to different people. In fact, it is probably one of the most misunderstood pieces of jargon among small businesses that don’t employ their own Advertising Agency. Many people assume that a brand means a logo, and a logo is definitely the … Read more

Micro-Influencer Marketing… Buzz-Worthy Trend, or Game-Changer?

By Petia Abdur-Razzaaq Principal The Stylista Group   The concept of influencer marketing isn’t a new one. Back in the day before social media, we had celebrities endorsing products on product packaging and via all forms of traditional media, and it worked! The equation was a simple one…Americans, in general, tend to love their favorite … Read more