Do Impressions Matter

When we first began Digital Marketing, impressions were everything. For almost the first two decades of digital advertising impressions were the gold standard, with clicks and click-through-rates right behind. But as digital advertising has become more sophisticated marketers are looking for KPI’s that are closer to the outcome they need. It begs the question, do … Read more

Build Your Growth Mindset

During uncertain times a normal human reaction is to pull in the reins and wait out the situation. During the current pandemic with so many differing opinions as to how things will play out the strategy of hunkering down seems quite logical. But, if you want your company to emerge from this period stronger and … Read more

Convergence And What It Means For You

What is convergence and why should you care? Many of us have watched streaming programming on our TV, tablet or smartphone. Others of us have listened to streaming music, whether through a platform such as Spotify or Pandora, or our favorite terrestrial station. The place where traditional advertising and the Internet come together, and blend … Read more