Convergence And What It Means For You

What is convergence and why should you care? Many of us have watched streaming programming on our TV, tablet or smartphone. Others of us have listened to streaming music, whether through a platform such as Spotify or Pandora, or our favorite terrestrial station. The place where traditional advertising and the Internet come together, and blend … Read more

The Revolution In TV Advertising

TV advertising has long been considered the most valuable and consistent advertising vehicle. It may have been the greatest advertising medium ever. So why is there a revolution in TV advertising and how can you benefit? CTV TV advertising was first transmitted over the airwaves and received by antennae on the set. Then came cable, … Read more

TV Advertising Updates

Anyone involved with TV Advertising knows that ratings are critical to the success of an ad campaign. More viewers equals more potential customers. And while ratings are based on past results, they are usually a good indication of what can be expected in the future. Ratings directly impact the cost of buying advertising on networks … Read more