What Google Analytics Can Do For You

Google Analytics (GA) is an outstanding analytics platform that gives insight into how people find and use your website. According to Ellen Smolko of Foresight Performance “Google Analytics is probably the best free tool available for helping you decide how to convert your visitors to leads or even sales and improve the quality of your … Read more

You Should Be Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing and why should you do it? Content Marketing is the creation of valuable, relevant information to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. The purpose is to market your business without the “hard sell”. Instead, the intent is to help you establish your “thought-leadership” in the field, making prospective customers feel … Read more

Metrics That Matter – How to Determine Your KPI’s

You have taken the time to build out a great website, you are now advertising, either digitally, with traditional media or both, and you want to see if it will help your business’ bottom line. How do you measure that? What are the indicators that measure whether or not a prospect is on the path … Read more