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Connecting Clients to Their Customers

Bridges, like good advertising agencies, bring two sides together. At Metro Valley Advertising, we help engineer this process with creativity, strategic drive and unparalleled customer service. You share your goals and business plans, we provide the tools and tactics to help you bridge the gap. If you are looking for new customers, new opportunities and innovative ways to get it done, then we should talk. We are masterful at building the foundation that will get you measurable results.

How do we do this? It’s quite simple – a unique mix of on-line and traditional media, combined with best in class resources. We are a team of out-of-the-box thinkers who continually research what the next big idea is. Let us help you make the leap from the status quo to amazing growth.

Metro Valley serves clients in Bergen County, Westchester County, Rockland County, NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx), Orange County, Dutchess County, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and runs advertising campaigns across the country.

Marketing & Advertising Articles

Six Common Advertising Mistakes

The advertising world gets more complicated by the day. New media becomes available regularly. People gravitate from one social platform to another. Yes, even pandemics confuse the situation. However, if you are going to market your business there are certain basics you should follow. If you avoid these six common advertising mistakes your chances of

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You Need Market Segmentation

Most businesses understand that trying to advertise to everyone is a waste of time and money. Instead they try and identify their target audience to narrow their focus. Experienced marketers know that even that is not enough. If they are able to identify particular groups within their target audience, then they can customize their message

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Choosing Search or Display

When starting a digital marketing campaign, the question often arises, search or display? Choosing incorrectly can be an expensive mistake. Both search and display are important components of online advertising. But which one is better and how do you choose? Understanding how each works is the first step in selecting the right ad format. When

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What is Your PR Team Talking About? Parlez-Vous PRench?

By Rachel Antman Saygency   Public relations professionals often advise clients to avoid using jargon when they address or speak to people outside their industry.  Yet we don’t always follow our own advice.  I, for one, am guilty of using PR-speak, which I’ll call PRench, when I’m talking to people less familiar with the world

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